The Adventure So Far...

The story started on the climb up a cliff face leading into a valley for the PCs, Aliste and Aricia, looking for an old ally, Hethan Romund. After finding a mysterious gatekeeper, battling local hunters and wildlife, they discover the Dawn Temple at the base of Mount Tellec.

They discover that Romund has been held captive by a dark side adept, a Devoronian by the name of Malefax. During their investigation into the temple, they uncover a medbay computer terminal that has recently access a historical bio profile for an individual named Rav Naaran. The PCs end up defeating Malefax and his cohort of mercenary soldiers, and saved Romund and the Dawn Temple.

After several days of recovery and cleaning up the temple, the Gatekeeper informs the party that he is one of three holocron-powered caretakers of the temple, the Curator, the Warden, and the Jailor. The other two holocrons have been lost. The PCs investigate and discover a local village that can help them. They discover a wayward youth named Telan Oligard who begs them to take him with them, as he apparently has nothing left for his future here, since his parents died.

With the help of Telan and the villagers, the party discovers a mysterious Force-sensitive cave up in the mountains. They eventually find the holocron in a nest of Force-corrupted icewolves, and bring it back to the temple.

The newly reactivated Warden tells the party that the last holocron was stolen by thieves that operate from a syndicate in Reles, the capital city of Spintir. The party makes their way to Reles and eventually finds a local cantina and learns of an individual by the name of Heavy Gan, who operates a local smuggling organization, and may know exactly where the holocron is. The Museum of Spintir.

Gan and the PCs sit down in a stock room in the back of the cantina to discuss the possibility of breaking in and stealing the holocron…for a price…

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